Why Are So Many South Africans Trading Forex

One quick browse through the South African economic news sections and one thing will be apparent: we’re struggling to make ends meet. The cost of living has become too high, which has forced South Africans into debt – which they’re struggling to repay – or taking on a second job.


Taking on a second job brings a whole new set of problems: the work/life balance scale seems to tip far to the work section. This leaves South Africans with no time to take care of ourselves and our family.


It’s true – we’re tired and stressed all the time but are there any other solutions available? With a market that is worth over $5 trillion, South Africans have been turning to trade Forex, and some have met positive results.


It’s not a get rich quick solution

The Forex market is often misunderstood, with people claiming that it provides false hope to those looking to make a quick buck. What new traders need to understand is that with the right education, you can steadily earn a profit that can help you financially. In fact, most people use the profit they make as a second income.


Over time, with the right strategies and knowledge on the cryptocurrency market – you could become a pro. Most professional traders have a routine that they follow, which have led to some becoming really successful.


What do you need to get started?

Register with a reputable broker to get started. Most of them require a minimum deposit. Before you start trading, use the demo account to get comfortable with the trading platform. Having knowledge of the market is also helpful, so take a look at factors that will affect the market.
Our free financial trader education seminars are a great starting point for beginners. Our experts will take you through various currency pairings, trading strategies, and more information on how to get started. Make sure you book your seat today!

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