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About Us

It’s not just about helping you make money. We’re here to change your perspective on wealth creation. The traditional path to wealth in our economy is not enough. Wealth Alliance provides the type of education that will help you seek ways to create alternative income streams and to do what makes you happy. We’ve done this with property, and now with Forex trading.

Our experts are seasoned investors in the Forex world. With the advanced training techniques, you’ll be able to experience the sort of financial freedom that has been limited to the top 1% of traders in the world..

Wealth Alliance co-founder and expert trader, Milan Milosevic, is passionate about helping individuals reach their financial freedom and showing them that it’s possible to reach your goals and dreams with the right mindset, knowledge, and passion.

About our seminars

Along with our digital partners, our training platform will provide you with education for every level of experience. In a comfortable setting, you’ll discover the same trading techniques as many of the traders on Wall Street.

In 2 hours, you’ll be able to establish what type of trader you are and which strategies best suit your style. You’ll understand all the trading fundamentals and find out how to be part of a community.

Take your first step towards your trading education today!

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