5 Characteristics of A Successful Trader

Knowing which currency pairs work for you or sticking to a trading plan is part of the ‘expert trader’ package. The other important element is the character traits. Some traders are often too arrogant or get in the own head, which could lead to making mistakes while trading.

We take a look at five characteristics of a successful trader.

1. Be disciplined

Many mistake discipline as 100% focus. Being focused is not a bad trait to have – whether in your personal capacity or a trader – total concentration when trading could be dangerous and could hamper your ordinary life (your 9-5 and your home life). Discipline in the trading sense means to be committed to your goal and following the strategies to achieve this.

2. Have patience

Many new traders want to make money right off the bat – and they want to make thousands! You need to have the patience if you’re going to achieve your trading goals. If you have a plan and a strategy, you will have the patience to know when to strike at the right opportunity.

3. Leave the ego at home

If you’re making some good profit form your first few trades, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and to believe you’re unstoppable. You’re going to lose focus, and when you do, you’re prone to make mistakes.

4. It’s not the be-all and end-all

You’re looking to trade to earn a second income and to be financially stable. This is a great goal to have in mind but remember, if you’re always keeping your eye on the market, neglecting personal and professional life, you’re in danger. Know when to step away from the screen.

5. You’re never too old or young to learn

All the greats – writers, sports stars, and businessman – know that education never stops. The same goes for trading. Learn from your mistakes and learn about other trading strategies. You’re broadening your horizon and increasing your opportunity to trade successfully.

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